Proper grading around the home can erode over time. The gradual effects of nature can contribute to grading problems. The erosive effects of wind and water can alter the protective grade as well as washed away. 

Well compacted soil forces water to run across the surface without soaking it. The goal is to enable water to drain away from the home quickly. If grading a slope is necessary what type of soil is best?

  • The best dirt to use is a high clay content sand. Clay is less porous than any other soil so you don’t have water running through it. It’s also heavier which means it won’t break down as quickly.
  • You may or you may not want to remove and replace the topsoil but it’s a very practical solution especially when the existing so how is rocky.
  • It’s a good idea to loosen the top few inches of the subsoil with a garden tiller. If the soil has a clay content and is dense adding a layer of sandy soil can improve its drainage.
  • Remove any rock sticks or other debris before adding topsoil to the top layer.
  • When you add the topsoil create a 2-inch transition salt between the subsoil and the topsoil.
  • Keep in mind that the topsoil may compact up to 50% in the first year after you install it. So you may need to add even more topsoil.
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