At Second Look, We provide professional commercial building inspections to make sure your business investment is safe.

​Yet another way we are working to bring you peace of mind!

Professional Commercial Building Inspections

Any commercial building is a large investment for a company – so make sure your building is the investment opportunity you are really looking for and doesn’t have any surprises.

We provide professional commercial building inspections that allow buyers, owners, investors, and sellers to make wise business decisions. All of our inspections are built around you and your particular building – because each building is unique.

We review what your needs are, and what your plans are for the building. Then we fully inspect your commercial property and ensure that you get a full report with pictures and descriptions.

Many building owners opt to have us inspect their building manually to make sure there are no developing issues that get missed, and to make sure to avoid any liability issues. So contact us today for your next commercial building inspection!

Whatever Your Needs

Whatever your circumstances or reasons, we have you covered for your next commercial building inspection. We work for a wide range of clients, and provide thorough inspections & reports.


Buildings of Every Kind

From office buildings to light industrial buildings – we provide commercial inspections for whatever building you have.


We inspect a wide range of commercial spaces, including office buildings, leased spaces, stores, retail buildings multi-family buildings, & more.


We inspect many different types of hospitality buildings, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, & much more.


We also inspect many types of light industrial buildings, such as warehouses, auto garages, parking garages, & more.

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