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What are closing costs? All of the additional fees associated with a mortgage. Closing costs can cost thousands of dollars. This amount is usually between two and five percent of the principal loan. Different types of closing cost components vary from state to state. These costs usually include an appraisal, credit check, and title search.

How much you’ll pay in closing cost depends on the price of the home and the location. The average total for closing costs in the U.S. was around $5500.00. 

Are there ways to avoid some closing costs? While you can’t avoid paying all of the closing costs. However, some things can be negotiated and thereby save you money. Shop mortgage lenders to compare fees, some of which vary depending on the lender.

Who will pay the closing costs? Most fees are traditionally paid by the buyer and some by the seller. Certain fees can be negotiated depending on the market.

How can I budget for closing costs? It’s a good idea to consult a lender before you start looking at homes to understand what all your costs will be. This is why a mortgage preapproval is recommended.

Don’t rush into work will likely be the biggest purchase of your life. The key is to be patient and prepared and realize the homebuying process can be lengthy.

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