Many families have stopped going to the public park and have brought the park home with them. Building your playground right in the backyard can be a great family project. 

Making sure safety is a priority is critical. When you build or purchase your play yard for the backyard it’s up to you, the homeowner to ensure that your backyard playset is safe for your kids to play on.

Keep your child safe by taking a few basic precautions and ensure the safety of your backyard playset. Here are a few things to remember when thinking about the features of a safe playset:

  • The material of the playset. Two main materials commonly used are metal and wood. Metal is long-lasting and durable and if cared for properly it can last for years. Wood has a natural appealing beauty. Wood stays cool in the summer which means you were burns and less discomfort for the children.
  • Correct installation. One of the most important factors for playground safety is making sure it is properly installed. This task must be done correctly.
  • Soft structure. It’s essential to install your playset over a soft structure. Structures like pea gravel or sand provide protection. There is also a choice of mulch or shredded rubber.
  • Age-appropriate. Don’t expose playsets to young children who aren’t old enough for the design. 
  • The company‘s reputation. It’s a smart idea to do a little extra research to get the reputation of the company that produces the place that you’re considering.

These along with other tips are important to consider when considering a backyard playground.

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