Bathroom drains are cleverly mysterious.  Somehow, a lever placed well above the bottom of the tub controls whether the water stays in the tub or if it drains out. 

When a tub won’t hold water, the two potential causes are easily repaired. Here are a few steps for fixing a tub that won’t hold water:

  1. Bathtub drains consists of a visible trip lever, a plunger to stop water, and two pieces of threaded rod which connect the lever and plunger. The assemblies are adjustable to fit a wide range of tubs.
  2. The first step is to unscrew the plate that holds the trip lever. Have a drop cloth in the tub to prevent losing the screws down the drain.
  3. Pull out the stopper assembly. Check that the two eyes s are properly aligned. If they aren’t, that alone might be the problem.
  4. To lower the stopper, thread the bottom lock nut down. Next, spin the adaptor that the plunger hangs from down until it reaches the bottom lock nut. Next, tighten the upper locknut to the adaptor.
  5. Place the plunger, threaded rod, and trip lever back into the hole in the tub and screw the plate back into place.
  6. Close the stopper, run some water into the tub, and see if it stays. If the water drains out, repeat the process above and lower the plunger a little bit more until you get the bathwater to stay in.
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