Do I have hard water in my home? What is hard water? Water hardness is the levels of minerals that are found in a home’s water supply. An excess of minerals, calcium, and magnesium dissolved into the water can result in hard water.

The best way to know whether or not you have hot water is to have it test it. You can also detect hard water by inspecting some of the effects it has on the home. Some of the most common problems that you might see when you have hot water are:

  • Clothing may not wash up well. If your clothes look dingy or feel scratchy or stiff you might have hard water. 
  • If you see a mineral ring around the faucet or in the toilet bowl.
  • White deposits in the pipes or water heaters and perhaps on the silverware or dishes.
  • If you notice that your tabs and showerheads have calcification you may have hard water.
  • Crystalline deposits or limescale will also increase your energy bill considerably. Pipes can become clogged and reduce the flow of water.

Take some time to identify whether or not our water exists in your home. After inspecting, quickly take care of the issue to avoid long-term damage to your pipes and other water appliances.

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