The center of the kitchen is where most of us spend our time. It’s one of the warmest and most inviting places in the home. What draws us to the kitchen, besides the aroma of comforting food? The look and feel of the kitchen. In particular, the kitchen faucet can add such an amazing look to the kitchen. What aesthetics for the kitchen faucet is trending in 2021? We see a lot of streamlined shapes, symmetry, and striking antique designs. Here are some of the latest trends:

  • Matte black is making a huge impact in the kitchen. It creates a very sophisticated and sleek look and pairs well with leather material or wooden kitchen stools.
  • Elegant gold is now seen as a trend in the kitchen. Gold colored faucets create a lavish upgrade and they combine well with white and blue.
  • Copper is hot. This vintage sterling gives a very natural flawless element to your home kitchen decor.
  • Rosegold is in and simply beautiful. It’s warm, brilliant, and inviting. Rose gold fixtures like handles and towel bars in the kitchen are just simply beautiful.
  • Classic nickel is in, it’s timeless and versatile, it pairs with dark and light colors. It’s a beautiful choice in the kitchen. 

Have fun with these latest trends and think about upgrading your kitchen today.

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