Nothing feels better than a shower head with great water pressure. If your showerhead is not giving you the pressure you so desire. Think about changing out your showerhead.  You can actually do a really good job changing it yourself.

There is no reason to keep using an old, ugly, inadequate showerhead.  Showerheads can be purchased at many different stores and aren’t that expensive. 

You can damage the pipes if you use too much force when making the switch, so you should always use care when working on your plumbing. Before you start, make sure that that water is shut off to the pipes you are working on.

You may need two wrenches to get the right amount of leverage if the old showerhead has corroded, so again, use caution so as to not damage the pipe. Having an experienced plumber you can call to do the job if you don’t feel confident is always suggested.

 Next, you want to clean off the pipe very well with a wire brush. Any residue of old Teflon tape should be removed, once that is done apply a thin layer of new Teflon tape. You’re almost done, screw the new showerhead on, and that’s it.  

Enjoy the relaxing new feel of your new showerhead.

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