A garbage disposal unit is a useful thing to have in a kitchen. Designed for small scraps of leftover food to be ground up and flushed through into the sewer or septic tank, a garbage disposal can play its part in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or waste management facilities. So, does this mean that anything can be placed into a garbage disposal unit? No, it does not. Let’s see what can and can’t be placed into this type of system.

This kind of garbage removal system is only intended for small scraps of leftover food and is not designed for nonfood items. Perhaps you’re thinking this is obvious but it’s amazing how easily nonfood items end up in the sink, things like aluminum foil and bottle caps, etc. are all items that easily find their way into the sink with the rest of the food waste. You may also feel that liquids are fine to go into the system but, things like oil, grease, and chemicals should not go into the unit, this is especially important if you have a septic tank.

Ok, so we know that nonfood items are a no-no for a garbage disposal unit but, are there any foods that shouldn’t go down there? Obvious items that should not go into the unit are bones or other hard food items that would damage the blades of the unit. Even some fibrous foods can clog the unit, items such as: potato peelings and corn husks. If you do decide to put them in the garbage disposal, do so in small amounts and keep the water running for a short time after switching off the unit.

These are very simple suggestions to follow but, taking care of your kitchens garbage disposal system helps to extend the life of the unit and reduce the need for extra maintenance.

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