We often need to deal with unwanted pests in our homes forcing us to look for ways to get rid of them. When shopping around for pest control solutions one type available is ultrasonic pest deterrents. The question is do they work? Let’s look at some of the advantages versus the disadvantages:

Let’s first discuss the advantages. Ultrasonic pest control devices are small and can be plugged into any electrical outlet, so they are very easy to use. They are designed to emit a high-frequency sound that is repellent to pests. This sound does not seem to bother larger animals or humans, so another advantage is that it is safe to use around pets.

Do they work? Studies conducted to see how effective ultrasonic pest deterrents are have shown that these devices are not effective on every kind of pest. For example, they have proven ineffective against ants and spiders, cockroaches do not seem to be bothered by them either. It also appears that some creatures get used to the high-frequency sound which then ceases to deter them. The sound emitted by ultrasonic pest deterrents does not travel through objects which is another disadvantage, especially in a room full of furniture as this will limit the area the sound covers.

So, does this mean they are no good? While some studies produced rather negative results, many customers claim these devices work very well. The best thing to do is to read consumer reviews and research the different brands available before you decide to try them yourself. However, if you are experiencing a particularly bad pest problem, it would be best to consult with a pest control company for advice on the best way to handle the issue.

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