If you are about to have a home inspection performed on your potential new home, perhaps you’re wondering what will happen if the report reveals defects with the property. While this may be your dream property, it’s important to find out everything you can about it before you buy. So, what are some possible defects the inspection could find, and are they always a cause for concern?

The inspection report might note a variety of defects with the property, some being much more serious than others. For example, it might note issues like faulty smoke or carbon monoxide detectors or even some missing roof shingles. While defects, they are not so serious and can be easily fixed at a low cost. But, what if the report notes issues like mold, wood rot or structural damage? These would be much more serious problems and require a lot more money to fix. In some instances, a defect might be so bad that it’s not advisable to go ahead with the purchase. While disappointing, its much better to find this out before you commit yourself to the property. It also highlights the vital role the home inspection plays.

What if you are looking for someone to fix the defects noted down in the inspection report? If the home inspector is also a licensed contractor, is it wise for them to carry out the repairs? Although this might seem like the obvious choice, it’s not a good idea. It might appear that the home inspector was purposely looking for defects just so they could fix them which would then question the accuracy of the inspection report. Make sure your home inspector is an InterNACHI certified home inspector with full knowledge of InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics. This way you know you will get an honest and thorough home inspection.

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