If you live in an area that sees high levels of moisture, then you might well have moss on your roof. Moss will also grow on parts of a roof that are shaded by trees or that don’t see a lot of sunlight. A question you might have, though, is does this moss cause damage? Is it always best to remove it?

There are certain factors to consider when it comes to whether moss should be removed or not. For example, look at where it is growing. Is it growing in or around gutters and downspouts? If it is, this might be a cause for concern as it can prevent proper drainage which, if left untreated, could be the cause of all sorts of structural problems. So, in this case, it would be a good idea to remove it.

Something else to consider is the kind of materials that the roof is constructed with. If moss is growing on shingles that are made from clay or stone, its unlikely that moss will cause any damage. This being said, moss does contain a lot of moisture, so it would still be advantageous to get the roof checked to make sure that there is no rotting of the roofs structure.

It is good to take these factors into consideration with regard to moss growth because the removal of it, depending on how it’s done, could also cause you problems. Why not have your roof inspected first, to see if the moss on your roof gives you any reason for concern.

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