It’s okay to hate ants. Everyone does. Although annoying, even frustrating, the typical ants we see in our homes are virtually harmless to us. But they can damage a building. It might be hard to tell the difference between ants and termites. There are some key identifiers such as the body shape (ant’s have a thin waste), wings (ants have two sets of wings, each set with different shapes, termites have two sets of wings that are basically the same). A key difference though is what they eat. Termites actually live on wood. Ants just burrow through it to get to where they’re going.

Ants do, however, build very similar nests to termites. They like to build them in wood, moist wood is their preference. Highly sought-after properties for them will be in bathroom walls, behind sinks and dishwashers, and door or window frames.

Prevention is pretty simple. Our mom’s have been yelling at us throw out that soda can before the ants get to it for ages. Good house keeping is good ant prevention. Some other things to avoid are leaks. Anywhere water touches wood creates an inviting environment for them. Other things to check include anywhere the outside comes in direct contact with wood so keep trees trimmed and away from the roof line. Keep mulch and ground cover from touching the wood paneling.

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