We know all too well the effects of a natural disaster. With these kinds of disasters showing no sign of slowing down, it is good to think about how prepared we are. In this blog, we are going to discuss some home maintenance steps you can take to protect your property as much as possible from the effects of a natural disaster.

Is your roof in good condition? Check that there are no loose shingles or anything else on the roof that could easily detach and become a projectile in strong winds. You will also want to keep trees well-trimmed and taken care of so that there are no loose branches and limbs that could get tangled in power lines or fall and cause damage to the home. Regularly clean your gutter system of dirt and debris, which may cause blockages and prevent water from being able to drain away from the house. If your home is at risk from wildfires, you must ensure that you have adequate defensible space around your property.

Get to know your property well. Very often, a natural disaster requires us to leave our homes quickly. Knowing the locations of shut-off valves to gas, electricity, and water will be of great help, as turning these off before a disaster strikes can prevent a lot of damage.

Adding a few extra home maintenance tasks to your list can help you to prepare your home for a possible disaster and reduce the potential for damage.

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