In this month’s blog, we are going to talk about bed bugs! Yes, we know this is not a pleasant topic to discuss, but in recent years, bed bugs have become a real issue for many households. So, here are a few ways to tell if bed bugs have moved into your home:

Bed bugs are oval with flat, rust-colored bodies. While it’s good to know what a bed bug looks like, the fact is that they are very hard to see due to their minuscule size. You are more likely to notice the evidence they leave behind that shows signs of their presence. For example, their body parts and fecal matter often leave tiny stains on sheets and mattresses. A room with bed bugs also tends to have a musty odor. If you are bitten by bed bugs, you may also experience itchy bumps on your skin.

Are bed bugs only found in bedding? No, despite the name, you will also find bed bugs in soft furnishings, picture frames, books, clothing, etc.

How do bed bugs end up in someone’s home? These tiny creatures can travel very easily and be transported from one place to another in a person’s luggage or another item. If you have stayed somewhere that had a bed bug problem, like a hotel, for instance, you may inadvertently bring them back to your home.

If you realize there are bed bugs in your house, do not panic, as this often leads to a failed attempt to remove them yourself, and you could make the problem worse. Instead, contact a pest control company that specializes in bed bug removal.

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