Home security is extremely important to any homeowner. With all the technology currently available, it is easier than ever to protect our properties. But does that mean that the old-fashioned ways to keep valuables safe are no longer effective? Not at all. So, in this month’s blog, we thought we would go over some of the not so high-tech methods for keeping your precious items safe.

If a burglar enters your home, they will want to be in and out as quickly as possible, so they will likely head for the most obvious places to search for valuables, so a homeowner should think of the least likely places. For example, underneath the garbage bag of a trash can or under a plant in its pot are good places to hide smaller items. Just remember they are there and keep them in protective covering.

Old storage boxes in the garage are also good places to hide valuables as it is very unlikely that a thief will want to spend extra time rifling through all your boxes marked decorating supplies, or old children’s clothing, etc.

Are you someone who has a large collection of books? As old-fashioned as this sounds, why not hollow out a couple to hide some of your smaller jewelry items? Again, it would take a burglar a long time to go through a large collection of books, on the off chance that there are valuables hidden in them.

Finally, if you decide to invest in a safe choose one that is installed in the floor as opposed to one in the wall. It is easier for someone to remove a safe from a wall than from the floor.

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