No one intends to have an accident, which is why it is called an accident, but does that mean that an accident is unavoidable? Could the risk of some accidents be lowered or even prevented altogether? Let’s look at one area in the home where accidents are common, the staircase.

The first step (excuse the pun) to staircase accident prevention is to ensure it meets all current building codes and standards. This is particularly necessary if you live in an older home.

Another major cause of staircase accidents is overly polished wooden stairs, which can prove lethal if someone is just wearing socks. Carpeting that has become loose is another huge tripping hazard, and, if handrails have started to wobble and loosen, they can also cause a person to lose their balance and fall. As soon as you notice any of these issues with your staircase, it is essential that you fix them immediately.

Poor lighting is also known to cause accidents on a staircase, especially for people who are visually impaired. Each step needs to be well lit and clearly visible as well as the area around the top and bottom of the staircase.

Even stairs located on the exterior of the home should be well maintained and safe to use in any weather to prevent accidents.

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