Should You Upgrade Kitchen Appliances Before Selling?

  • Make sure you can afford to make all the appliances match in your kitchen. You want a buyer to feel like care and thought went into making your kitchen.
  • Don’t spend on appliances if more glaring issues are present.
  • Don’t go overboard on high-priced appliances unless all the comparable homes in the area have these upgrades.
  • Choose timeless styles and colors to make older kitchens seem new, and yes, stainless steel appliances fit into this category with 75% of remodels using them.
  • Choose new appliances for resale value and not because you like them.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of deep cleaning your appliances instead of purchasing new ones.
  • Assume that new appliances will not increase your home selling price, but realize they will help find buyers, sell faster, and curb negotiations at the selling price.
  • Keep appliance upgrades simple, because a new homeowner will want to spend money to make the kitchen their own anyway. 
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